History of the Lottery in Malaysia

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History of the Lottery in Malaysia

The History of Lottery in Malaysia – Its Beginning to its Legalization in the Past  The history of the lottery in Malaysia is very interesting to review because not a few bettors like the game online casino malaysia. The lottery or lottery is actually a form of gambling that involves the withdrawal of many prizes. So don’t be surprised if it’s always popular and popular because everyone or players want big profits.

Indeed most forms of gambling including lotteries are declared illegal in several countries including the United States and most countries in Europe. But after World War II, lotteries slowly began to be legalized and mostly organized by national and local governments.

How About The Lottery in Malaysia?

How About The Lottery in Malaysia

The history of the lottery or lottery in Malaysia has a fairly long historical background because it has existed since the Dutch colonial era. Actually, gambling has always had something to do with the world of night or the world of entertainment. Under Dutch rule, gambling took place according to an ordinance issued by the local government.

Then when did gambling occur or when did the lottery or sweepstakes first start in Malaysia? If it is reviewed in detail, actually no one knows when gambling with the theme of lottery or lottery began in Malaysia.

However, around 1942 to 1945 the lottery or lottery became popular, especially during the Japanese colonial era.

At that time or during the Japanese colonial period, Japanese officials tried to change the economy in Malaysia, namely by doing a lottery or lottery called Oendian Oeang Djawa Gunseikanbu using real money. And the lottery or lottery game is quite popular and loved by the community Trusted online casino malaysia.

The Beginning of the Lottery Is Getting More Popular

The history of the lottery in Malaysia is quite unique because it was during the colonial period. The person in charge of the game is one of the high-ranking Japanese army chiefs on the island of Java.

The popular lottery draw was carried out in 2604 through the Japanese Showa calendar or if the Gregorian year was 1944.

The total prize at that time was 125 thousand golden with the first prize of 30 thousand. After the 6th round of drawing, the lottery began to be withdrawn from Malaysia since the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

Then after the Oendian Oeang Djawa Gunseikanbu lottery disappeared from Malaysia, gambling began to be held again in the form of Lottery in 1960.

The beginning of the lottery is better known as the tail lottery then in Bandung, there is also a lottery called Toto Raga. The government made the two lotteries as an effort to raise funds to participate in horse racing.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, during the time governor Ali Sadikin was in office, lottery draws appeared under the names Toto and Nalo or the national lottery.

Because the tail lottery is considered to damage the morale of Malaysian society and is included in the subversion category, in 1965 the first president of Malaysia, namely engineer Soekarno, issued Presidential Decree No. 113 of 1965.

After the first presidential post was replaced by a major TNI general, namely President Suharto, the lottery began to reopen.

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Even during the new order, the lottery in Malaysia was growing, it could even be said that it was very fast because almost all Malaysians participated in this one game slot online e wallet.

The Surabaya local government issued a lottery under the name Lotto or the totalizer lottery for the National Sports Week which actually has nothing to do with the organization of sports.

The funds obtained were actually used to collect the National Sports Week or PON which was held in Surabaya in 1969.

Finally, on November 25, 1993, the government revoked and canceled the permit for the lottery game.

The Impact of Legalizing Lottery Gambling in the Past

Although the legalization of lottery gambling in the 1960s discussed earlier was criticized for damaging the nation’s morale. However, it cannot be denied that the legalization of lottery gambling also has a positive impact on the country.

It is not widely known that the legalization of lottery gambling provided a lot of revenue for the state. For example, according to a review from the historia.id page, the legalization of the National Lottery (NaLo) gambling by governor Ali Sadikin proved to be able to build the city of Jakarta for the better at that time.

In fact, according to the People’s Sovereignty Report on March 27, 1986, it is known that the legalization of Gambling Donations of Social Benevolent Prizes (SDSB) in 1978-1979 managed to collect a turnover of 1 trillion Rm.

Asian countries that legalized lottery gambling are not the only countries that have legalized lottery gambling. In fact, there are several Asian countries that have or still legalize lottery gambling to this day and this is not much different from the history of baccarat.

One country that is well known for legalizing lottery gambling to date is Singapore. Not many know that Singapore actually has a legal lottery gambling called Toto which is organized by the Singapore Pools company.

This toto gambling was first inaugurated in 1968, to be exact on May 23. The purpose of the inauguration of this toto gambling was as an effort to control the rampant illegal gambling that occurred in the 1960s.

This type of lottery gambling is still operating and is a source of income for Singapore.

Besides Singapore, otre games and other types of gambling can also be found in several other Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Macau.

The Face of Modern Lottery Gambling Today

Times have indeed changed, but that does not mean that lottery gambling has been forgotten and lost its prestige. In an era where technology and the internet have become a part of human life as it is today, the type of lottery gambling has also entered a different level.

If in the past, this lottery gambling was done manually. Currently, this lottery gambling can be played online via a computer or other device. There are many gambling sites that offer this lottery game service.

Currently the type of lottery gambling has also grown, one type of lottery game that can be found on the internet and is quite popular is online lottery.

This online lottery is basically a type of gambling where players have to guess a random number combination that will be issued by the operator or dealer. Uniquely, online lottery gambling games have many types with different winning conditions.

But broadly speaking, online lottery gambling is divided based on the number of number combinations that must be guessed. There are several types of online lottery that are usually offered by online gambling sites, namely 2-digit (2D), 3-digit (3D) and 4-digit (4D) lotteries.

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The Legality of Lottery Gambling Today

The Legality of Lottery Gambling Today

Unlike in the past, currently the Malaysian government has agreed to strongly reject gambling activities in the country, including this lottery gambling.

Before, gambling is still considered as something that can damage the nation’s morale. For this reason, the government has compiled a number of regulations and legal consequences for people who organize or engage in gambling.

One of the regulations governing the prohibition and consequences of gambling is Article 303 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

In this article it is explained that anyone who deliberately offers or provides an opportunity to play gambling and make it a livelihood can be threatened with imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years or be required to pay a fine of a maximum of 25 million RM.

Another article that also regulates the prohibition and legal consequences of gambling activities is 303 bis paragraph 1 which is also contained in the Criminal Code.

This article explains that anyone who takes advantage of the opportunity to gamble, either on a public road or a place that is accessible to the public, can be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 4 years or be required to pay a fine of a maximum of 10 million RM.

Given that gambling has also penetrated the realm of the internet, the government has also prepared regulations governing this matter. This regulation is known as UU ITE, specifically Article 27 paragraph 2.

The article on the ITE Law explains the prohibition on the distribution or distribution of electronic documents containing gambling. Meanwhile, the legal consequences for those who violate the ITE Law Article 27 paragraph 2 are explained in Law 19/2016, namely Article 45 paragraph 2.

People who violate the ITE Law article 27 paragraph 2 can be threatened with a maximum imprisonment of 6 years and/or required to pay a fine of 1 billion RM.

What Happens When Lottery Gambling Is Legalized Again in Malaysia?

If you have to imagine what will happen if lottery gambling is again legalized in the country. So it is likely that there will be more negative impacts that will be obtained by Malaysia.

It is true that gambling can provide a high income for the state treasury. However, if you compare it with the risk, then it is not worth it.

The legalization of gambling in Malaysia can do some bad things to society. The first bad thing that might happen is the increasing number of gambling addicts in Malaysia.

According to medical, gambling is an addictive behavior that can lead to addiction. A person who is addicted to gambling will find it difficult to refrain from engaging in gambling games. In the medical world, this condition is called gambling addiction.

Crime is also another problem that may arise if lottery gambling is legalized again in Malaysia. A review from Wikipedia mentions the legalization of gambling has the potential to increase crime rates in a country.

This is evidenced from several surveys which show that countries that legalize gambling at the same time also have a high crime rate.

The legalization of gambling also carries another worrying risk, which is related to suicides.

According to a review from Suara.com, researchers in the UK say that between 250 and 650 young gamblers commit suicide due to mental health problems caused by gambling addiction.

This problem will potentially also occur in Malaysia if gambling is legalized again.

Religious Views About Lottery Gambling

Talking about gambling will certainly feel less if you don’t talk about it from a religious point of view. Based on the little research we did, most religions forbid gambling.

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An example from the view of Islam. In the religious holy book adopted by the majority of the Malaysian population, namely the Quran, there are a number of suras and verses explaining the prohibition of gambling.

One of them is found in the Surah Al-Maidah verse 90. The verse explains that gambling is drinking alcohol, gambling and also lotting luck is an act of the devil that must be avoided in order to get good luck.

The continuation of the verse, namely verse 91 also clarifies the prohibition of gambling in Islam. This verse explains that gambling and drinking alcohol can cause enmity among others and prevent the remembrance of Allah.

Even in Hinduism, gambling is also described as one of the things that is prohibited. This is mentioned in the Holy Book Reg Veda X.34.13 which reads:

Aksair tna divyah krsim it krsasva, Vitte ramasvabahu manyamanah tatmgawh kitavah tatra jada tan me viscate savitayam aryah

Meaning: O gamblers, do not gamble/plow the land, always be satisfied with your own income, think that it is enough. Farming provides cows and with that your wife stays happy. The god Sawita, the God of the Senresla Realm, has advised you to do so.

While in the Bible which is the holy book of Christianity, there are a number of chapters and verses that explain implicitly about the prohibition to participate in gambling such as Galatians 5:24, Mark 26:41, Timothy 6:10, James 1:16, Proverbs 4:14 and chapter Peter 1:16.

Negative Impact of Playing Lottery Gambling

In the last point of our discussion of the history of the lottery in Malaysia, we will remind you a little about the negative impact this lottery gambler can have.

As with other types of gambling, lottery gambling has many negative effects that threaten its players.

These impacts are not only related to legal consequences, but also health conditions and quality of life. Some of these negative impacts are as follows:

Getting Addicted

As we explained earlier that gambling is actually addictive, including lottery gambling. You can become addicted if you keep doing this activity over and over again.

In health science it is explained that this is because repeated gambling activities can stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain in excess. Dopamine is what gives a happy sensation when people play gambling.

If left unchecked, this addiction will also have other impacts on psychological health, ranging from depression to anxiety disorders. Even sufferers will experience a tendency to like to take risky decisions, even though they know the losses that will be borne.

Decreasing Quality of Life

A person who is addicted to gambling is also proven to have a poor quality of life. A number of reviews say gambling addicts will usually have difficulty concentrating on something other than gambling, such as work or study.

In addition, most gambling addicts also experience relationship problems with those around them, whether it is with their spouse or family.

Involved in Debt Problems

Associated with gambling addiction. When someone is addicted to gambling, that person will always try to participate in gambling. Even though the person’s financial condition is not possible.

Not even a few people who are addicted to gambling dare to borrow large amounts of money with relatives or friends.

That’s a little review from us about the history of the lottery in Malaysia. How? Have you ever heard of the history of lottery gambling that we discussed before?

I hope this post is entertaining and broadens your horizons about Malaysian history. Thank you