Casino Raiders 2: Asian Gambling Competition after God of Gambling Retires

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Casino Raiders 2: Asian Gambling Competition after God of Gambling Retires

Casino Raiders – II will be screened tonight at Trans TV cinema starting at 20.00 WIB. The film Casino Raiders II was released on June 13, 1991, being 91 minutes long. The film Casino Raiders II was produced by Johnnie To, starring Andy Lau, Dave Wong, Jacklyn Wu, Monica Chan and a number of other players.

Casino Raiders II tells the story of a legend, before the God of Gambling retired, he gave two jade tablets to his two loved ones. Now, anyone with a jade tablet could invite the God of Gambling to help them win a gambling contest. Later, one part was returned to the God of Gambling, while the other was in one’s hands.

After Uncle Fan takes them to Osaka to compete with Taro Yamamoto, James kills Yamamoto for money and betrays Fan.

This renders Fan incapacitated and frames Kit for Yamamoto’s murder, which results in him being imprisoned.

After Kit is imprisoned, Fan and Chicken Legs must open a gambling table on the boat. Meanwhile, James needed the jade tablet to participate in the Asian Gambling Competition and he was sure Fan knew of the jade tablet’s whereabouts.

To pull Chicken Feet and Kit out of harm’s way, Uncle Fan jumps into the sea and commits suicide. Kit is later released from prison and intends to live a normal life but he is unable to escape James’ distraction.

In order to save his daughter and escape from James’ troubles, he cut off his own hand

Trusted Casino Online Malaysia – Casino Raiders 2, an action drama film directed by Johnnie To, is scheduled to air tonight at Trans TV Cinema, Sunday (11/29/2020) at 20.00 WIB. Andy Lau is one of the main stars in this film.

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The film, produced by Jimmy Heung, was officially released on June 13, 1991 in Hong Kong after two similar films starring Andy Lau, Casino Raiders (1989) and No Risk, No Gain (1990).

Tonight, Andy Lau, Dave Wong, Jacklyn Wu and Monica Chan will compete to play the character that Kan-Cheung Tsang has written in the 91-minute film.

Based on an IMDb survey, the film “Casino Raiders 2” received a score of 5.9 out of 10 points. The revenue generated from the initial production of the film was HK$26,889,659.

Pavilion88 – The Asian Gambling Competition begins, Kit joins in to help Mr Yeung, while Chicken Feet also joins in to take revenge for Siu-mui and Uncle Fan. Lastly, Kit, Cchicken Feet, previous champion James and other competitors met in the final round.

Kit follows Yeung’s idea of ​​losing all the money, as Yeung bets on James to win.

Lastly, Chicken Legs, with an A of spades, 3 of spades, 4 of spades, 5 of spades and 2 of spades under it competes with James who has J clubs, J diamonds, Q diamonds, Q hearts and Q spades under him.

Chicken Feet risked his life on fake jade and his life with James.

So, can Chicken Feet win the competition?

According to legend, the God of Gambling (God of Gambling) gave two jade stones to two people he loved before he retired. Whoever has one of these stones is said to be able to invite the God of Gambling who is believed to help him win.

At one point, one stone was returned to the God of Gambling, while the other was still in one’s hands

Meanwhile, Chicken Feet (Andy Lau), Kit (Dave Wong), and James (Kelvin Wong) are said to be Uncle Fan’s (Lau Siu-ming) students. James kills Taro Yamamoto (Lau Shun) while competing for money and betraying his teacher.

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Kit was designed by Uncle Fan to be responsible for the death and ends up being imprisoned.

Later, James still forced Chickenfoot and Uncle Fan to keep opening the gambling tables on the board. James wants the legendary jade to win the Asian gambling competition. He realized that Uncle Fan was aware of his existence.

Uncle Fan tried to save his two disciples. He jumped into the sea to kill himself. Will Chicken Legs and Kit get better after the teacher’s death?

As it turned out, Kit could not escape James’ intervention. After being released from prison, Kit saves his daughter from James by cutting off her hand.

In addition to Kit, Chicken Feet also suffer from this disorder. Apparently, he already knew where the jade was. James tries to kill him while Feet is with his girlfriend. However, Chicken Feet managed to save himself and his lover from death.

Seeing the agony that the jade legend had produced, Kit took action. He threw the stone into the sea.

As the Asian gambling competition begins, Kit joins in and helps Mr Yeung. Chicken Feet is also there to avenge Uncle Fan and his lover.

The story doesn’t stop there. So, can Kit and Chicken Legs win the contest and complete their revenge? Watch more on TransTV Cinema tonight.